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      Since Shiba Inu is overshadowing every dog       species  there is, we feel like it is           our personal          mission to make           our                     favourite dog   more popular                                     in the BSC space. WIENER DOGS.                             Everybody has someone in the family who has them or loves them.

They are way more popular than Shiba Inu

so let's all spread the word about

the best dog that exists!



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10% Buy And Sell Tax Split Into

    7 % Marketing                                 3% Back to LP

Contract ownership is not yet renounced as we need to be sure our fee structure is beneficial to the longevity of the project. In addition, we need access to the contract in order to update the pancake swap router address upon updates. If you are interested in the code it is available on bscscan under the contract addres. Taxes will only change if Community agrees!





    We want make                                      our first donation to the Netherland’s                             Company withname “Dieren Ambulance”

“The animal Ambulance in Netherland runs for 85% on volunteers who work 24/7 for animals in medical need”. Thanks the structual support of the donors, they can provide assistance to animals in (medical) need

24 hours a day,                                       7 days a week.



“As a community, we want also to help all animals in need”






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